ABCGI (Adrian Bibby Computer Generated Images) work from a small studio  on the border of  Derbyshire and Yorkshire , offering  3D, CGI animation and illustrations. We work from 2D plans , sketchers or digital CAD files .

We bringing your idea, your process to life and explain through illustration or animation they features and benefits in an easy to understand way, making your job easier in explaining and sell your concept.

 TEL: 01246 813718     SERVICES INCLUDE:

• Industrial Animation    •Virtual Reality VR   •Process & Visualisation   •CGI Architectural Visualisation    •3D Technical Animation

•Stereoscopic 3D  •Interior Flythroughs    •Photomontages   •Creative Retouching   • Graphic Design

Proposed plant

Double click or mouse ball to zoom in and out for more detail.

Use the Arrows to get back to full screen.

Bring our 3D illustration/renders to life making them  interactive virtual reality (VR).

Product illustration  like this below or a panoramic  view of a room or buildings are all possible.

Adding labels to explain in more detail different parts or construction,  adding animation and Stereoscopic real 3D can bring the file to life.


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