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whatever you need to explain and

whatever you need show,

...we will take you there.

The photo realistic renders resulted in the company commissioning all future products to be created in CGI and no longer be depending on photography.


Stephen Dauris     Marketing - Bell Lighting



Adrian Bibby CGI is a UK based 3D animation studio producing professional and affordable illustrations and animations for design and manufacturing industries.



“working with Adrian and his team, I found the approach to detail and technical knowledge of our products, helped in saving time in the production of the illustrations and animation”


John Sewell

Marketing Manager
Kingspan Environmental


"Adrian’s approach in using 3d in showing the construction and the possibility of its use in different environments, helped us to explain our product better"


Paul Weldon



"we commissioned Adrian to come up with a series of 7 short animations, explaining the model range and the different interface actions for the range of stopwatch"


David Jones- Sports Timing Systems

UK Agent for TAG Heuer Professional Timing



"Designing packaging and point of sale material with the ability to have this visualised in CGI, and, see your result before you go to full production has saved the company time and money"


Stephen Dauris

Marketing - Marcrist International



Photo Realistic Rendering

VR Stereoscopic Rendering

Packaging, In-store Visuals

Ever increasing demand for that perfect product shot, CGI enables us to be able to control the materials, lighting and change textures, giving you the client an option of many versions from the same model.

Immerse the viewer in stereo rendering to punch out that real 3D effect, combine this with VR  with description / product notes, and it becomes the ideal teaching tool, viewable by  smart phone or tablet.

Visualise your potential packaging, inspect its 3 dimensional design, before its sent to print.  In-store point of sale or merchandising display graphics can be inspected for approval be the client.

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We are a animation, illustration studio working in a small village in North Derbyshire close to Sheffield and Nottingham.


Our clients vary form agency, video production, manufacturing and process industries on illustrations of products, to animation showing the processes involved.


Thinking you may have a upcoming project - please contact us without obligation.



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T: 01246 813718

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E:  adrian@abcgi.co.uk

TAG Cut away illustration
TAG Cut away illustration
TAG Cut away illustration
TAG Cut away illustration